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Audition Guidelines


- 18yo

- High School Diploma or Equivalent

- Employed or a Student (Can be Part-time)

- Must Present Headshot and Resume

- Registration Fee


Dance Top that shows midriff, Dance Shorts, Skin-tone Tights, Dance Sneakers or jazz shoes, Hair down and Makeup Natural Enhancement. 

Open Enrollment

Video Submissions are accepted year round to audition for the Bombshells. Email a video including the following:

Personal statement - State your name, age, what it means to be a Bombshell and why you deserve to be a Bombshell.

Choreography - Perform a 1.5min original piece displaying your dance style, technique, and personality. 

Headshot and Resume - Attach these documents in your email. 



Are tattoos and piercings allowed? 

- No.  Tattoos must be covered and only stud earrings are allowed. 


What is the time commitment?

- We meet a minimum 3x a week.

Is there a financial obligation?

- Uniform payment and reliable transportation is the responsibility of the dancer.

For more questions and inquiries email

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